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Did you ever think or hope there was more to your period than being cursed for three to five days?


My whole life I was told my period was just about the days that I menstruate. Throughout my teen years, doctors tried to get me to take birth control to “regulate” the frequency of my period or “help” with acne.


They don't tell you that taking birth control can set you up for a life of serious hormonal issues, increase the risk of self-harm, disrupt the gut biome, potentially decrease future fertility, or increase the likelihood of depression and anxiety.


No one told me my period was my fifth vital sign. I was led to believe it was a curse, nuisance, and a problem and it needed to be solved. Even twenty years later, health classes all across the globe are still teaching young women these terrible lies and half-truths.


In this guide, you will learn:

  • The four phases of the cycle and how to use the energies of each one

  • How tracking your period can save your physical and mental health

  • The healthy vs. unhealthy periods

  • The basics for tracking your period and energy shifts

  • How this knowledge can help your personal power, performance and improve success 

  • The science and hormones behind the cycle

Plus you will have access to over 20 resources of the best information for women's health!

If you are a father or husband, this guide will help you understand the cycle that your most precious teen girls and women go through. This is a teen-friendly guide to working with the menstrual cycle. Feel free to read it yourself or give it as a gift.

Women have a lot more power over their bodies, mood, and destiny than they ever think. If you are looking to learn about your WHOLE cycle, this is the guide for you. Become happier, more predictable, and productive by utilizing the knowledge given here.


You will also receive FOUR PILLARS OF NUTRITION eBook and an invitation to an upcoming event: 1 hour of Cycle Syncing Basics Seminar

I want this!

  • This 25 page PDF that will change how you think about and experience your menstrual cycle + 18 of the MOST IMPORTANT books a woman can read [+ bonus material!]

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