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Hot Wheels

In four months, you can build yourself a hot set of sleek, strong stems. This program is designed specifically for women, syncing up your hormone cycles with your training days - so you never have an off day again.

Dear Reader,

How long has it been since you stopped trying to get in the kind of shape you always wanted to be in? To get the body you always lusted after?


How long since you gave up pushing yourself to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin?


Why did you stop?


Now there is a question...


You stopped because you didn’t know you needed an important piece of information before you kept going.


You stopped because no one told you that women should be weight training and exercising in a different way than men.


You stopped because it was exhausting pushing yourself to the limits everyday.

Here is what you were missing: The skill of connecting your body’s rhythm 

This is a skill that will:

  • Help you recognize when to push and when to nudge

  • Stop wasting time on intense workouts that do nothing for you

  • Lower cortisol in the body and ultimately help you lose excess fat


As a woman, you have never been taught how to work with your body’s cycles


You have been desperately reaching for the fitness you desire for years.


And you have been living with stress around health and fitness for so long, has become a chore and not something you take joy or pride in.


Learning how to work WITH your body and not against it will help you stop with the self destructive thoughts and habits.


Working with your body means showing up at the gym and doing work it is ready to carry out - not some cookie cutter workout that seems too much or too little for the energy and enthusiasm you have in the tank that day.





If you want to:

  • Create a better body for yourself

  • Get faster in running

  • Put 25 pounds or more on your squat

  • Feel confident in the gym and fresh when you leave the gym

  • Get an idea of how to structure your training around your period

  • Lower your hormonal stress

  • Build legs that beg for a mini skirt


Then, I think you are about to experience what it’s like to exercise as a strong, fit and wise woman who knows how to handle herself in and out of the gym.


Learn the secrets of training high performance women


Learn how to build strong, sleek legs and spine that will carry you for years to come. You will improve your conditioning without overdoing it and exhausting yourself.


You have it in you - it just that no one ever taught you how to work with it.


Instead of pounding your legs, day after day on the same program you boyfriend or brother is using, build yourself a hot set of wheels with workouts that are fun and friendly to your body during every stage of your cycle - even the off days

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