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Coaching & FAQ's

Many women suffer through painful periods, grueling and inefficient work days, inability to feed their families nutritious food and long workout that might be actually causing them weight gain in the end.


Women have been told over and over false, dangerous or useless information about their health and fitness

You need a Women's Health oriented trainer. 

I’m not here to just say, “Oh yas queen, I get you girl, wine is good and sometimes periods hurt. Do more squats.”  Big NOPE.

I come to you from a scientific background in exercise physiology, physical therapy and extensive research on women's hormonal responses to stress, nutrition and exercise.

You shouldn't be following your husband's or brother's training program when you can have one synced to your cycles and lifestyle. We all have bio-individuality and if you want to take the stairs straight to the top, you need to get in touch with the nuances of your body. I can help you with that.

Curious about what we can do together?

Contact me directly But check out the FAQ's first!

I typically work with three types of clients: 

  • Postpartum women within 5 years of giving birth, looking for specialized personal training to rebuild pelvic floor, treat diastasis recti and increase strength.

  • Women going through perimenopause and menopause

  • High-Performance Women who are interested in learning how to balance their hormones naturally and sync this training, nutrition, creative planning and work with their menstrual cycle.

Check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions for more info on how my programs work


Currently serving Las Vegas for live coaching

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