From Doreen H. of Berlin, Germany

"Ingri changed my life! I started training with her 6 weeks after I gave birth only to get back to shape and then I wanted to stop and go to the gym again. But the longer we were training together I noticed I never felt better in my whole life. And I was never in better shape. Ingri showed me that investing in my body is investing in health and well being. Also once in a while we had to fight backache. Carrying a baby is sometimes hard… In these moments she focused on making me stronger and having more strength in my core to get rid of it. I never had to go to a doctor again due to my backache! Thank you so much Ingri!" Doreen

From Nik of Berlin, Germany

From Eva G. of London, England

"I started working with Ingri in the Summer of 2014. For more than a decade I've suffered from a persistent hip and lower spine pain that nothing really could get at the root of. I've tried physio, cortisone injections, I've seen very fancy New York back experts, done yoga and osteopathy and yet I'd still wince every night I'd lay down to sleep. Finally I found Ingri, and the unique combination of her qualifications set me on the path to being pain free. 


Ingri came to my house twice a week and trained with me. She was knowledgeable, optimistic, a great combination of a total sweetheart and a total hard-ass. It was a joy to train with her and I always looked forward to my sessions. She was great at pacing me, forcing me to do the groundwork of exercises I needed to build strength and stability, instead of letting me do what I really wanted but couldn't do yet, and further injure myself. I felt in extremely good hands, it's obvious that she draws on a deep knowledge of anatomy as well as psychology. What I particularly loved was that Ingri never allowed me to do an exercise just half-way right - with her you can rest assured that you'll do it right, and get the full benefit, which is especially important if you've been dealing with injury that messes up your movement patterns and mobility. 


I'd say that especially if you're a new mom, Ingri is invaluable. She understands what a disorientating experience pregnancy and childbirth can be, and she's very good at helping you carve out time for yourself and feel good about that. If you slack off or try to get out of doing something, Ingri will sweetly call you on it, but you likely won't, because it's always fun to train with her. 


After I trained with Ingri my pain started to subside and best af all, I was able to understand what was going on with my body and how to fix it. I only wish I hadn't had to move, so I could have trained with her more, but she set me on the path to feeling better. It was a nice bonus that I also started looking better too. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Anna M. of Berlin, Germany

“The act of getting strong doesn’t start in the gym. It starts in your head.” That´s absolutely truth and Ingri was the one who awakened and strengthened this within me. Thank you, Ingri! Your workouts were always challenging, painful and sweaty. And I loved it, maybe during the workout I didn't look like but at the end I was super happy.

You have a great feeling when you can and must motivate someone. Your words “Chest up and be proud” and “stay strong” I still have in my ear and when I train now and it becomes exhausting, I think of it and have to smile. Your energy and power are simply contagious. You are a super great coach. And I can highly recommend a workout with you just everyone who wants to reach her/ his goal and get in best shape with pleasure and, of course, it will be rough - a lot of hard work, sweat and tears - but it will be worth it. Thanks to Ingri´s support and fillip (sic).

All the best to you and stay how you are! A.


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