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Do you remember heading into training or work and you just couldn't give it your all that day? Like it took 100% effort just to squeak out two thirds of the results?


I remember not being able to move my legs because they felt like I was walking through molasses - and I still had five more miles to run. This week I couldn’t do any push ups, but last week I could do 54 in two minutes. I didn’t know what was going on - why my body couldn’t move. Why my body felt like it gained 100 pounds in three days. I still had a whole day of training ahead of me.


I was tired. I wanted to cry. I need to talk to someone. I stopped. I watched my team run past me and my chest started heaving.


And that was my last day in Special Operations for the United States Navy.


It wasn’t just PMS. It was two years of pushing my body and crushing every obstacle that came my way. I was an athlete. I was determined. I was one of the first 10 females to even qualify for EOD training. I was going to be a hero.


And I failed.


I failed because I didn't know by body. I failed because instead of working with it, I worked against it and then spent all of my free time doing stressful recovery programs like ice baths and deep tissue massages. Those things are necessary to an athlete's recovery, but none of that will help when you forgo rest days, sleep and proper nutrition.


Had I known there was a physiological pattern to my levels of performance I would have leveraged it. Give 150% this week, 80% the next. I would have not volunteered for every extra job they handed out. I would have opted for a nap every so often instead of extra hours running, swimming and lifting to get the edge on my male counterparts.


Instead, I gave 110% every day, 6 days a week. I had to be coaxed into a rest day. And yes, I made the boys look bad - but I couldn’t do it forever.


Being ruthless, relentless and everything everyone told me I should be to make it is exactly the attitude that led me to fail.


But not anymore.

After 12 years of coaching athletics, I know much better now. After nearly a decade of coaching high performance women, I know that hormone fluctuations have a direct impact on not just mood but ability to develop muscle, speed and strength. I know that in different parts of our cycles, we burn more calories per day than others. And I know to optimize recovery to make our high octane performance last a lifetime.


Everything I know about training eating and planning around a women’s menstrual cycle has been poured into The Cycle Stack. Years of research and trails has been condensed into an easy to digest and implement guide.


Even if you are not an athlete or no longer menstruating, this stack is still for you. It will help you organize your nutrition, eat to optimize hormones and tell you how to prevent cravings AND burnout.


It will help you plan creative projects, time networking events to when you are in your best and social light, and give you the foresight to opt out of projects and events when you body needs it most.


Trust me, loving your peaks and ebbs is a game changer.


If you are a high performance woman - whether it’s an athlete, a working mother, or a professional with a full life - The Cycle Stack is everything you have been waiting for.


STOP feeling guilty and taking poor performance days so personally. STOP thinking something is wrong with you because you are not as consistent as your co-workers. STOP having FOMO because you are not in a place to enjoy a night out with friends.


We are defined not just by our shining and bright days. We are every phase of our cycle. We are the darkness and the light - and both sides can be used for good things. 


And if we want to keep bringing the heat, learn to use every phase to your advantage.


In this stack, you will learn:

  • The distinct 4 phases of the menstrual cycle and the energy behind each one

  • How to optimize your down and recovery time

  • Sync your strength train to your cycle for optimal result and better recovery

  • Learn to live in a productive and healthful rhythm in all phases

  • Eat food to aid elimination of extra estrogen 

  • Schedule projects and event to ensure your are shining and at your best


And much more!

You don't have to buy the whole bundle. You can buy each of the guides on their own.

Buy now and get nearly $150 in bonus material! Change your mindset about how you approach eating healthy with the Four Pillars of Nutrition Workbook.

And, when you buy the whole stack, you will get links to module one of Valkyrie Values, a leadership and strategy masterclass written for Warrior Women. This is only offered to the elite members of my team. 

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