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Ingri Pauline

BS in Kinesiology
US Navy Vet
10+ Years of coaching weightlifting & movement
Fourth Generation Woman's
Health Practitioner


How do you coach?
I coach both in-person and online. Many of my clients are on a hybrid program. I use the TrueCoach app to deliver programming, exchange videos, and share information.


How much does it cost?

My Women’s Health A SCHOOL course is $440 for a 5-week Indoc and then $305 monthly for the next 5 months of training. In it, we will cover the essentials of nutrition, fitness/cycle syncing & women's issues, and mindset. This is custom fitness and nutrition coaching so the program will vary depending on your needs, equipment, and abilities.

IronFemme VALOR Group coaching is $111/mo. This is a full gym programming that is cycle synced with the moon, technique correction, and twice-monthly meetings where we discuss feminine archetypes, leadership, and feminine strength.

This is perfect for unconventional women looking to become better in every aspect of their lives. Archetypal psychology is often the key to understanding ourselves and our motivations. Talking about femininity in this way is profoundly helpful


What is the best way to get started?
A strategy call! This is my favorite way to help and get to know people! Sometimes we don’t need coaching and sometimes we need some guidance but are unsure if a coach is the right fit.

With the strategy call, we will go over your health history and talk about where you are now and where you want to be. I will give you the next steps and a number of resources to help you out on your journey.

If it’s a match and you want to go forward with coaching, the cost of the Strategy Call is $80 and will be credited to your package purchase. If you just need some guidance and are moving on, no hard feelings! You still get all that awesome knowledge and resources.

What do the first 1-5 months of coaching look like?
The onboarding process for my clients is largely the same for both online and in-person clients, save for a few special cases and goals. The first 5 weeks in an intro to my coaching system. We will set a baseline for your fitness, then go over some important points of nutrition, fitness, mindset and women's health. After the intro phase, we move on to A School, where we really get into depth on all of these topics. This is where you will learn everything I can possibly teach you about health, fitness, productivity and working with your body and rhythm!


I take eight new clients every spring and every fall. This keeps coaching quality as high as possible and creates a small community around your success and struggle. This is not "group coaching" in the classic sense as we will have our own time to talk and the program will be tailored to your ability and goals. 

Every week you will be sent some audio and visual content talking about mindset, lifting technique, nutrition and unique issues in women’s fitness. You will be asked to record yourself doing a couple of exercises, uploading progress pictures and doing some light fitness and nutrition-related homework. There will also be a weekly check-in with all the women of the coaching season. We will talk about the theme of the week, go over the "homework," and share wins and questions.


Our goal is for you to learn as much as you can about your health, your body and how to make healthy lifestyle and mindset changes a permanent part of your psyche.

Can I cycle sync without a period/menopause or irregular period?
Yes and no. You can still use cycle syncing practices but you won’t be syncing to your body’s natural rhythm. Instead, you will be using the other natural monthly cycle we all experience - the moon!

It has become apparent to me - and many women throughout history - that every woman benefits from a natural ebb and flow of activity. When we cannot rely on our bodies to give us these clear and obvious signals, we tap into another. You cycle with the moon much in the same fashion as your menstrual cycle. In all of my programs and coaching material, I talk about how the phases on menstruation mirror the phases of the moon, so you will never be lost of confused as to how it works.


Is this safe for my teen daughter?
Absolutely, yes! One of the best things you can do for your teen is to teach her about how her body works and how to leverage it for peak performance. She will grow up happier, have more emotional and physical coping skills, create personal strategies for long-term success, and not be a clueless victim to the changes and tides of her own body. This knowledge is vital for all women and it would be a great feat to have a whole generation grow up in tune with the wisdom of their own body. Plus, it will be super fun to train with her!


Do you create custom programs?
Yes! Email me and we will talk about your goals, avalibility and equipment.


Why do you think weightlifting is so

  • Muscle is the organ of longevity

  • A strong body is a strong mind

  • Women, much more so than men, suffer from osteoporosis which is a wasting disease of the bone. Weightlifting helps increase bone density

  • Keeping up strength and movement skills leads to a life of longer movement, happiness and independence

  • Most women what to be in control of and/or reshape their bodies - only resistance training can do this

  • I have seen weightlifting and intense resistance training save the lives and mental health of so many

  • It is fun

  • More muscle allows you to eat more and that is always satisfying

Do you recommend any supplements?
Meh, kinda. Read about it here. I do not give out blanket supplement recommendations because it's kind of irresponsible for me to do. Supplements depend on your goals and issues that you want to target.

Do you have easy pre-made programs?
Yes. Hot Wheels is a legs trainer that is written in sync with your cycle. Get it here. Another strength training program is in the hopper.

Do you have any ebooks or guides?
I certainly do! The Cycle Stack is my comprehensive guide to eating, training, and planning in tune with your cycle. Get it here.

I also have a teen-friendly guide to menstruation and general period health and syncing, called Cycle Fundamentals. If I could get every woman to read this I would! It's not JUST for teens but it is a great gift for your girl. this is a great place to start if you are just getting into this topic. Get it here.

Do you coach women over 50?
Yes! This is one of my favorite demographics to teach!

Do you recommend your program for working women?

Honestly, I recommend it to all high-performance women. The more responsibility you have, the better this program is for you because it teaches you how to manage through the natural ebbs and flows of energy and motivation. This means better performance and longevity in your career and health.

This program will have you think and prioritize in a different way that benefits you and what is important to you. It will teach you about a code among high-performance women that is centuries old.


Do you recommend any reading material?
Take a look through my website and blog for great content on all aspects of fitness and health. A great place to start is my 13 part series written for women who are just getting started with or curious about how to lift weights.


I also have a list of 18 books I think every woman should read. Check it out here.

How can I learn from you for free?
Browse my Hot Reads for articles about all of your favorite topics. The series called The Gym 101 is a great place to start lifting weights.

Check out my IPA Weightlifting dictionary, Iron Femme, to learn the basics of weightlifting and browse the world of Iron according to IPA.


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Is there anything that could disqualify me from working with you?
If you are an absolute fitness beginner - never been in a gym, never played a sport, and over the age of 30 - I highly recommend getting an in-person personal trainer. Online training is relatively limited in the ability to teach new things and it is so important that people who are new to weightlifting get hands-on training from a professional. And you will enjoy it so much more!

Any serious medical conditions or diseases need to be discussed with your doctor before we start. I can and do work with other medical professionals to create safe and fun programs for those who need some special considerations. So if you have or need a team, we can
work always together!

A terminally bad attitude will always disqualify you from any type of training or coaching. The nature of making a big change requires you to be optimistic, open-minded, and willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You need to take the first steps toward self-improvement and decide that your life and health are worth the
struggle and effort. I can give you the ingredients and instructions, but ultimately you have to put it together and stick it in the oven.

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