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Mental Health & Care During Ovulation

Ovulation is the time when women are the most fertile, estrogen and testosterone are at their peak and life seems as though it should always be like this. This is the time of the full moon: peak femininity. We are more open to talking and relating with others. Our voice changes, our skin glows and we are more interesting in helping others during this time.

There are a couple of great way to use this time. See my other articles on ovulation if you are looking for training and nutrition advice. Let’s talk about the great activities that has you using your time wisely to take care of yourself.

Grocery shopping

Right now is a great time to load up for food. Next week during pre menstruation, it will feel more like a chore than something you get to do. In two weeks, you might not even get around to doing it. Prep ahead of time and get those period snack or pre-cut some veggies to make life easier for your future self. Listen to a podcast while you shop or plan your menu ahead of time. Be open to be inspired about cooking new things. And load up. Since you are concerned about the care and well being of others the most during this time, you are more likely to pick up luxury items and treats for your friends, self, office and/or family.

Baking and cooking

One of my favorite things to do during ovulation is bake something. You may find you enjoy it too. Try baking healthier versions of your fave treats. Simply by cutting the sugar in half of a third should take care of most of it - and most people wont even notice the difference!

Arts, crafts and repairs

During ovulation, our minds tend to be more process oriented verses Pre ovulation and pre menstruation when we are more outcome oriented. This means we are enjoying the act of fixing and creating rather then the finished product itself. This is actually a really great exercise for patience, re-framing and mental health. Learning how to enjoy the process rather then being mad you are not an expert, master or the projects is not yet complete is important to self worth and general positivity. Fix something in you house or build something you can use. Or simply sit down with the kids and do some coloring. It doesn't have to be a master piece, it just has to get you a bit creative and in flow.

Beauty treatments

Since you are physiologically looking your best right now, it also helps to have your beauty treatments done. For some of you, it may mean stuff like Botox but I’m mostly talking about steam saunas, massages, hair appointments, nails, anything that make you look and feel your best!

Time with friends

Smiles, laughs, selfies and dancing are huge boons to your mental health right now. Get out and see your friends! Or have your friends over for dinner and game night. We will drink deeply from the healing and uplifting effect of close relationships on our psyche. Even better, this wont be one of those hangs that is good in theory but you kinda wanna cancel right before it happens. You will be looking FORWARD to this the whole time.

Relationship check ins

We are passive and social during this time which means we have the ability to connect, empathize and hear the needs and fears of others much better during this time compared to others. I highly recommend you use this time to check in with you loved ones. You can open it as a “Relationship Check In.” Ask them if you have hurt them without knowing it recently, Ask if they need you to do more of something or less of something, express gratitude for what they do and bring to your life, what went well or poorly recently, ask if they need anything from you you are not giving. Make SURE to use “I” statements so no one feels accused of anything. This is a really great practice for any close relationship and doing so will only bring you closer.

One on one time with the kids

Same as above for your partner, you can do a relationship polish with your kids. While I dont think a check-in is really necessary for the kids. Giving them one on one time is great. You will have more patience and whimsy right now. You will listen to their stories with more enthusiasm and connect. This might be particularly useful time for teenagers and you will be more open to hearing them instead of make them talk. Make sure to get some special time in when you can. When I talk to literally anyone about fond memories of their parents, nine times out of ten, it’s recalling memories around special alone time spent with a parent.

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