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  • Ingri Pauline

Fitness, Anger and Aggressive Action

If you are like any normal human being, you feel a range of emotions, including anger. Even the most serene yogis are susceptible to stress and anger. But here is the thing: anger is a secondary emotion We feel angry because we are hurt, humiliated, rejected, frustrated or scared. The good news is, anger is not inherently bad. Ill intentions and maliciousness backed by anger can be bad, but not anger itself. Anger and frustration are the necessary catalysts to change. And big change requires aggressive action. This is a good thing. This means that you have the power to get angry, and transmute that anger into productive energy and fuel for progressive action. But of course we cannot walk around in a state of anger and try to explain it away as aggressive action. No. This will led you to being so vulnerable and reactive to hurt that it will seem as if you have no skin during any social interaction. People will stop interacting with you. Instead, we need to take those vulnerable feelings leading to anger, and let that heat out through aggressive action during a workout or building a business.

Use your Anger for Fuel Did the pipsqueek FNG steal an account from you? How about that guy who yelled at your dog? Freshly healing from a breakup from a lier or cheater? Or maybe your parents are driving you nuts but you have to remain helpful and gracious because you are back under their roof until you find a job? Think about that shit and get fired up, knowing that in order to have enough poise to execute a solution to your problems gracefully, you have to let all the ugly shit out on the rubber mat. Release those angry emotions and turn them to aggressive action toward constructive projects. Complain only ONCE then start working out and solving problems. Work so hard you can't think about petty slights or omnipresent fear anymore. Work so hard that you feel like crying or feel like laughing after your workout. Work so hard that you feel like you are in control of you again. Work so hard that it hurts and you keep going until it feels good again. That is how you know you released it all for the day. Foster Aggression, Focus and Action instead of Anger during a Workout Dude, I am all for the grumpy, angry workout. This fueled me and most of the marines in the gym during my time in the Navy. But, if you consistently rely on getting angry in order lift heavy and go hard, you will reach a plateau. Why? Because your grumpy ass always need to be angry in order to produce good work. That is as unhealthy as the couple who needs to fight in order to have sex. Be aggressively focused instead. Use that aggressive attitude to push through the reps. Get into the space in order for you to work. By all means, work that shit out on the bench press when a co-worker has slighted you in a board meeting. But If you still relive that memory three weeks later to hit maxes on your press, you may want to check yourself. Not the Angry Type? DIG DEEPER and Unlock Your Pent-up Emotions and Give Your Workout and Projects a Boost Ah, those in denial. Everyone gets angry, weather you burst out explosively or not. If you deny your anger, you are not only lying to yourself, you are missing out on some serious drive to get shit ACCOMPLISHED. You don't have to be angry to be aggressive; PRO fighters are not typically mad at their opponents. So maybe you're are a bit tired of making too little money or getting passed up for a promotion. Your attitude is something like "As Allah wills it." Ok, yes; fate. But don't you think with a bit more action or constructive aggression, you could work more or become more prominent at work? No change takes place when you are comfortable or unperturbed. Allow yourself to feel, to reflect, to hurt and to take action.

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