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How to Eat and Train During Pre Ovulation

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This is literally my favorite time of the month. It’s probably because I am so comfortable with my inner masculine side and love the productivity that the pre ovulation phase gives me. This is a time to knock off to-do lists, plan ahead and prep for another cycle.

This is a time when we are most in line with the productivity, energy and mood expectations of modern society. We are drawing boundaries, we are working as a team and we are able to easily put in extra hours and effort to get the job done.

This is when we feel really good. Hopefully, your menstrual funk hasn't dragged you down so much that you miss this wonderful time. Hopefully, from reading my work you have gained a few tools to help you treat yourself right during menses and then come back to the full swing my the next phase, pre ovulation.

Lets talk about how to get the most out of this phase:

Foundations of Strength & Sport

This is the time that we need to be laying down the foundation in tour strength and sport-specific training. In the weightlifting world, we are doing sets of 8-10 reps and pushing that last set to PR levels. If you are doing something like marathon/endurance training, this is where you would be doing max distance runs or mid distance runs at a brisk and steady pace. You would be training to lay down the most muscle possible.

Give 110%

Since we are in an active and social frame of mind, this is another time when it is ok to miss a couple of hours of sleep. Our bodies do not need as much rest right now - in fact, they flourish under some stress. Give yourself problems to solve and goals to reach.

In the gym stay a little longer and hit some extra sets. Even going out for an extra walk during the day might be helpful in creating more flow, and giving some creative space to current projects.

Accessory/Rehab Work

Since we are perfectly set up to build more muscle tissue during this time, this is also a great time to insert some accessory work. Think any rehab/prehab work. If you need to work on your external rotors to strengthen your shoulder, be sure to do it now. We are in the mindset to go the extra mile so do it!

Plan Ahead

Many of us are familiar with the frustration, listlessness and tension that can come during the pre menstrual phase. You can avoid a lot of heartbreak by taking the time right now and mapping out your plans of action for the upcoming month. Even making a task sheet for big and small things that need to get done. A lot of times in the pre menstrual phase, we want to get things done but we don’t want to decide what to do or we can be overwhelmed because we are looking at the whole project. This is when it the pre ovulation planning ahead REALLY pays off: a week out from your period, there are pre-chopped vegetable in the freezer, your workout has already be programmed and adjusted and the project has been broken down into small, mindless tasks that can be accomplished easily because you got all the heady and creative work out of the way.

Carbs, Omega 3 & Fiber

You are processing carbs really well right now, and if you are doing everything right, it is turning right into workout fuel! Because of the rise in estradiol, you may also be feeling some cravings. Choose carbs with lots of fiber like potatoes, fruit and legumes. Pooping is a way that our body clears excess hormones. The follicular phase is a time of riding hormone and it behooves us to aid in the clearing so we don't get stuck with things like excess estrogen headaches. Fiber will ensure your regularity and clarity.

Another nutrient not to skimp on is Omega 3. Omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role in the structure and function of cells. During this phase systems are in high gear. O3FA helps support skin, hair health and oestrogen and testosterone production. Hormones are made from fats (cholesterol), and we need to eat fats to make fat. Great sources include flaxseed, algae and oily fish such as wild salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel and herring.

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