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Three common mistakes while cycle syncing and ovulating

Ovulation is usually the everyone favorite phase of the menstrual cycles. It is the time when we are fertile and ready to procreate. This phase is marked by higher sexual impulses, clear and glowing skin, a voice that is a touch higher and softer and a boost of self confidence.

It is easy to see the ovulation phase as “our true self” but this would be a grave mistake. We are all of our phases and an ovulation in one of four sides and energies that we have.

Ovulation is a passive and social time. We don’t have a need to withdraw and evaluate life, nor do we have a need to mow though work and get things done. It is a time to embrace expression, deepening relationships and creativity. As much as we love this time it would not serve many of us to live here all the time. Although it is fraught with feel good feminine and social energy, we also need to live in phases of tension and active masculine energy to get things done and accomplish our goals.

There are a couple of planning mistakes women make during this time. This is just the strategy part of ovulation and I will address the training and nutrition mistakes in another article.

Over planning/structuring themselves

Remember there are two dyads operating in cycles syncing: Active vs. Passive, and Social vs. Withdrawn. Ovulation is the passive and social phase. This means that we are in tune with our surroundings and able to go with the flow.

During this time it would be a mistake to be overly demanding of our personal expectations for productivity and task completion. This is a time to clear the desk of details that will soak up out time and sanity and just focus on moving big thing along. If there is a creative or artistic component to our work, this is the time to do it. Smaller tasks like putting your (already written) proposal into a slideshow or PDF is a nice activity that moves the needle forward but down’t break the expectation bank.

This is good time to arrange furniture, lightly tidy up the house, make cookies or craft something. You do not want to be stuck with a huge to-do list that takes a lot of mental fortitude. This is a time when we work in bursts of creative inspiration rather than diligence.

Staying isolated

Just as it is a mistake to task yourself with a huge list that include organization and planning, it is also a huge mistake to stay home and seal yourself into your work or comfort bubble. We have huge social impulses during ovulation. This is when we are the very charming and intuitive - so take advantage of it!

Ovulation is also when we are most receptive to constructive criticism, and have the highest empathy and patience. If you work in a team or have a family, this is a great time to schedule meeting with the members and talk things out. In discrepancies, you will be able to see the other persons point of view more easily and make sound judgments about where to go next. It is also help-up just to schedule a check in during this time to make sure everything is on the level.

Every women with good resources and impact will have a habit of networking so plan to go to those events now. Throw a party, show up to one or schedule interviews in this phase. You will shine your brightest.

Ignoring creative impulses

This is a very “motherly” phase of our cycles. We want to love and care, give and express - so do it! It is often just one or two creative activities what will bring us great reprieve form the stress and monotony of our days. Find how you want to express yourself and do it. Baking cookies or some other special treat is always an easy way to do something positive, fun and creative while tapping into that nurturing, feminine energy.

Comb your self care and coping skills tool box and look for something that makes your feel soft and accomplished. Taking a long beauty bath will all the oils, face and body massages is a good time investment. As is working on a sketch, painting, or patching up and improving clothes. Every woman is different and their interests will be different as well. There is something that makes your feel proud, creative and/or accomplished even though it doesn't improve your bank account or public standing. Who cares if it's not "productive"? Do it anyway.

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