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Three Things to Focus on During Pre Ovulation

Once menses is over and we are feeling strong again, we have entered the Pre Ovulation phase. This is a time marked by social and active energy. While we may be feeling like we want to be out and about in the world, we also don’t want to be held back by any one else.

Pre Ovulation is when women fit in most easily with society work and productivity expectations. We are alert, productive, positive and dynamic. We are to move forward full steam ahead. It is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking THIS is your “true self.” Don’t do this to yourself. You are all of your phases and to think that just this is who your are is disrespectful to your femininity and ultimately your creative process.

During this time it is helpful to have a strategy about how to navigate this time and get the most use out of it. Keep in mind that pre ovulation is in harmony with the first quarter moon phase. So if you are not menstruating or having irregular periods, you can just use the moon as a guide.

Use Positive Affirmations

If you have an affirmation track that you listen to, NOW is the time to shove as much of if as your can into your head. Pre Ovulation and Ovulation are good times to get in all the positivity you possibly can. During the luteal and menstruation phases, you are probably not going to want to hear it but your will need to call upon the wisdom it left behind.

Put up your sticky notes, listen to your tracks, repeat those good and motivational line in the mirror. You are fit and ready for takeoff during this time. Load up your mental arsenal with as much positive and strategic ammo as your possibly can.

Take Risks

This is the time to push training and work really heard. For this next week, concentrate, analyze and create structure that will be needed for the future. This is a time when little sleep is just fine for your body. The next phase is a bit more passive and your will be sleeping rather normally.

For now you are feeling bold and secure. Use this to your advantage; cold call clients, negotiate deals, do your research and test those PRs. If you ever wonder just how strong you are or want to engage in some friendly competition, now is your time to shine.

Clear To-Do Lists

With boundless energy comes boundless responsibility. Luckily this is the time when showing up come extremely easy to us!

Push your boundaries and get things done. If you have a project to work on, bite off the biggest tasks and make a rough draft of ALL of them. You can clean up and do detail work later. Losing sleep during this time wont effect your performance much - after all its just a week! And tell yourself you have a rest time coming - but make sure you take those few days around your period slow or fully stopped.

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