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Three Common Mistakes while Training and Ovulating

Ovulation is usually the everyone favorite phase of the menstrual cycles. It is the time when we are fertile and ready to procreate. This phase is marked by higher sexual impulses, clear and glowing skin, a voice that is a touch higher and softer and a boost of self confidence.

It is easy to see the ovulation phase as “our true self” but this would be a grave mistake. We are all of our phases and an ovulation in one of four sides and energies that we have.

Ovulation is a passive and social time. We don’t have a need to withdraw and evaluate life, nor do we have a need to mow though work and get things done. It is a time to embrace expression, deepening relationships and creativity. As much as we love this time it would not serve many of us to live here all the time. Although it is fraught with feel good feminine and social energy, we also need to live in phases of tension and active masculine energy to get things done and accomplish our goals.

There are a couple of training mistakes women make during this time. This is just the strategy part of ovulation and I address the creative planning and nutrition mistakes in other articles.

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Prioritizing Volume

Ovulation is when testosterone and estrogen are at their highest concentrations in the body. These are categorized as anabolic hormones which are the builders. This is the time for us to build muscle and strength.

Not only will be be strong, we will feel strong as we lift. This is also the time of the highest sheer force production abilities - which is to say we can lift more with seemingly no more effort. Its like when you put a new number on the bar and you are nervous to lift it. Then you get under it and squat - and it feel unbelievably easy! These time happen in regular increments and it during your ovulation phase.

Instead of going for volume work, go for intensity work. Do the single and doubles and triples during this time. Met cons with heavy weight are advised as are sprints. For endurance athletes, your longest training runs are best performed now.

Over Exhausting Agility Drills

Although we feel great, be advised to watch your technique like a hawk. There are two times when injuries are high and that is during menstruation and ovulation. While fatigue always increases the chance of injury, during ovulation, the instance of injury could be higher because our joint are lack a bit more integrity than normal. Estrogen effects collagen and joint laxity.

Move with purpose and mindfully when doing exercises that have you twisting, changing direction or loading dynamically though the whole ROM (think snatches or weighted throwing). We want to move enough to stimulate growth but not over exhaust one specific movement of joint. When you get tired, stop. When you have hit your numbers, move on to the next thing. Rest plenty between set so you are fresh for each one.

There is no need to fear injury during this time - it is a waste of energy as long as your are still moving well and while weightlifting. Be confident in your training and your body, and pay attention to your technique and energy levels.

Avoiding Testing or Competition

If you want to smoke someone in a competition, now is the time to do it. You are at your strongest, so show it off! Ovulation is the best time to show up in a class or competition and get your workout on with friends and good enemies. We are feeling social, strong and ready to take on the world. Best, we are taking thing less personally right now. We have a deeper understanding of what competition means and the emotions surrounding it. We are able to be dedicated to performance and experience rather than to the emotions surrounding it.

If you are wondering what your best numbers are for the Big 5 (Big 6, in my book) test them now. Don’t be afraid. Let your hard work shine at this time. See how fast you can sprint how heavy you and lift and how hard your can push yourself. You will definitely surprise yourself!

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