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  • Ingri Pauline

My Best Tip to Lose Weight, Get Fit and Build Self-esteem

Sounds unreal, right? By just doing one thing you can change your life. Yeh, well, unfortunately, it is true. All it takes is a little forethought. You are an adult, right? If that is that case, then good; You can handle it.

Here it is:

Think about how you will feel after you do it.

This is a great exercise to help you achieve what you want in everyday life. Forethought is also the backbone of maturity. At a certain point, good people, people who you are proud to be associated with, practice forethought consistently. It’s not always easy and it takes practice - much like everything that will lead to excellence or success.

It works like this. If you have a goal to eat healthier or go to the gym consistently, then you have to think about it when the fork in the road comes around: to cake, or not to cake? To lift, or not to lift? Pause for a moment and look an hour or two into the future.Think how will you feel AFTER you take said actions. Mentally eat that bar of chocolate and think about how you will feel about yourself after you do.

Do you think you will feel guilty for breaking a promise to yourself? Does your body feel heavy? Do you feel fat? And what if you don’t go to the gym? Then what are you going to do? Sit on the sofa and keep watching Netflix? Chances are, you will not enjoy yourself.

You will continue to sit and silently beat yourself up for staying home.

Tip for life: AVOID those feelings. Do what you can to AVOID self loathing, guilt, shame and complaining.

Do what will makes you feel good about yourself and your choices. Sometimes it is not always about going forward but about not going backwards.

You could have gone to the gym, gotten high on endorphins, then been home in an hour or two, watching Netflix again but feeling like a boss instead. You could have eaten an apple and felt good that you honored your nutrition plan all week. Because you know on Sunday, after eating lean for 6 days, you get to eat a WHOLE pizza.

Just remember: Temptation is everywhere. This is good news. You know there will be more chocolate and Netflix. It’s not going away - there is no urgency for you to consume it. There is an urgency to feel good about yourself, otherwise, you wouldn’t feel so guilty for bad choices.

Guilt is hindsight, comfort is forethought. Forethought is the magic behind savings accounts and accomplishment. The time will pass anyway. You might as well do something useful with it.

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