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Some of the Best Leggings You Will Ever Buy

My favorite leggings. Seriously.

I am a workout clothes fanatic. I’m actually a clothes fanatic and a workout fanatic, so I do my best to feel my best in the gym. I usually get easily bored wearing gym clothes in general (sometimes Coach just wants to wear a skirt to work). The reasons for critique are plentiful - but since this is a blog post and not a casual chat over nail polish and beer, I’ll keep focused.


ABS2Fitness leggings are stylish, womanly and customizable. They come with length options - not just for the inseam, but for the waist too. I love a good high waist on leggings - and ABS2F offers three waist options. It is very current and honors the hourglass figure that I work so hard to keep. I also like showing some midriff but at the same time, I am a bit modest. So showing peek-a-boo rib skin/sans belly button is a good middle for me and my style: high waist leggings and a baggy cutoff shirt is the perfect tomboy/hot weightlifter look for me.

And the Scrunch-butt option! Oh ladies, would you like to show off all that glute work you’ve been doing? Feeling good about how hard you have been working in the gym? Get the high waist leggings with the scrunch butt and be prepared to workout even harder! I caught my boyfriend staring at me doing bent over rows - three times in one session. It’s hard not to feel sexy with the scrunch butt happening. I’m not a fan of booty shorts but booty pants - sign me up.

And the print options are phenomenal. I like to keep my legging black with print or solid colors. For those of you who like colors and print, YOU ARE IN LUCK. They have a donut and unicorn print and go through a number of limited editions throughout the year. You can even order cut mesh cutouts in the leg.


The high compression feels like a bra for my butt and thighs, making me feel confident, sexy and built like a brick sh*t house. I LOVE IT. Minimal jiggling on runs and jumps.

The leggings themselves are high quality. They fit big thighs and stay up when I jump and move. You can even make notes about the fit. After a pair of size Med leggings came, I noticed they were wider through the waist than the others that I had bought. So on my next order I noted, “I’m a touch bootylicious. Please make the waist 2-3 inches smaller than normal. Thank you!” This pair was delivered size Ingri :) As for the others, I just took them to a tailor and got then taken in at the waist.

Also, my black snakeskin print leggings function as dance pants when I go out and cut a rug in Vegas and Berlin. They are kinda like those liquid leather leggings that were hot a couple of years ago but these are way more comfortable and current. Sometimes, after a late night of coaching, I meet up with friends for a beer. The prints make it easy to do an outfit change: snake skin pants, some chunky heels or knee-high boots under a loose t-shirt is a way to spice up any Wednesday night out. And you don’t look like you just came from the gym, even though I just changed my shoes.

What we have all been waiting for….YOU CANNOT SEE-THROUGH THEM WHEN BENDING OVER OR SQUATTING. Yes, this is what really counts. besides feeling and looking sexy, outside of the versatility and options, these pants have integrity! one of the few leggings I have found that is cut right and of quality FABRIC. I’m anxious to see how long these guys hold up! I’ve had three pairs for 5 months now and wear them almost every time I work out. Yes, the manmade fibers in athletic clothes eventually break down, but these should hold up quite nicely for some time.

I will be buying many more of these leggings. My favorite pair right now is the Marilyn; long leg, high waist, high compression, scrunch butt. Thats my cut.

Try these out!

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