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The Healthcare System: Part 1:: How You Should Really Think About Healthcare, Doctors and Hospitals

In America, we have the gift of having some of the best healthcare available and the curse of the worse system to run it.

Because most large government bureaucracies are run the same, it means people who make progress are not rewarded and people who make mistakes are fired and punished. This is literally the surest way to make sure no one sticks their neck out and does what needs to be done or have the balls to discover a new way of treatment.

This is the most dangerous way to run something that oversees health

I implore you to re-think the way you approach “healthcare,” doctors and hospitals. If you understand these fundamental things about our current health system, you will have a lot better luck navigating it, feel better and save thousands of dollars

  1. Hospitals and MDs are NOT the shepherd or guide to health - YOU are. They administer immediate - not long lasting - treatments to disease and injury

  2. MDs are not versed in health, but in disease, sickness and drugs

  3. 95 times out of 100, if you land in the hospital, you have failed yourself and your health. Getting out takes BOTH doctors care and YOUR self awareness to stay out of the hospital

  4. Health is simple but PERSONAL, causing some to think it is complex. Health comes from nourishing food, fitness, relationships, projects and thoughts. All of these are different for every individual.

  5. You have a right to get what you want out of the medical system. You do not have to wait for other doctors to get on board. If you want to see someone or try something, you have a right to ask

  6. Your doctor cannot help you if you cannot communicate clearly, comfortably or regularly. This means you have to like and respect you doc to show up, build a rapport and tell the WHOLE truth.

  7. Insurance companies rely on the lack of knowledge from YOUR ignorance about health, treatment and the system. They are backed by complicit doctors that believe only in pharmaceuticals and are unaware of basic health practices and new science

Please read that last one again, because this is important. So many people get pushed around my insurance companies and have no idea that they can get other treatment or doctors.

From InterNations, Healthcare in the UAE

A hospital is an institution. They are run by a large government bureaucracy, funded and lobbied by Big Pharma and Big Insurance. Doctor and nurses spend most of their time going over paperwork and insurance bills - in fact, they spend more time with insurance work and patients. The are over worked and decently paid - but nearly no one thinks that amount of pay they get is worth the work. The food is crappy, the lighting is horrible and there is no fresh air.

Hospitals are not places of health.

You can avoid visiting a hospital by eating whole, natural and unprocessed food, getting regular vigorous physical activity, nixing tobacco and using alcohol sparingly, having fun and participating in healthy community and social relationships.

If you get in an accident, then you cannot avoid going to the hospital. But as it stands, over 90% of the medical costs we see in America belongs to chronic illness and mental health - conditions greatly influenced by lifestyle choices. Although obesity is a huge problem in America, it is also growing as a problem in Europe. Oh and since KFC opens a branch in Laos, they are getting their fist obese folks in Africa.

What you should know about doctors is that they are given no medical instruction as to how to actually live a healthy life. Many of them don’t even bother to keep up with modern or recent science once they are awarded the MD at the end of their name. Many doctors and registered dietitians are still giving out the ancient and debunked nutrition advice of the food pyramid: 5-6 servings of grain and wheat, moderation of sweets and putting fats, oils and salt in the same category as sugar.

Fat oil and salt are ESSENTIAL to your overall body function. Sugar is not. To someone fighting a chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer, arthritis or dementia, telling them “moderation” is the key to their health is like saying “it’s ok to ship ammunition over the enemy lines every once in awhile.” Based on modern nutritional science, GMO wheat, sugar and vegetable oils have a high impact on our overall health and wellness.

But many doctors don’t know this. And it will take another 25 years to trickle into the curriculum at med school.

I may take a radical view but I know the difference between a good doctor and a bad doctor. I am also not beguiled by the white coat and ego. I grew up around physicians. We are all human and learn by reading and doing. While they have saved lives, I have spent my career teaching people to save their own healthy lives.

Here is how you should think of healthcare:

  1. You personally care for your own health on a daily basis. You look after it by choosing healthy food & relationships, vigorous physical & mental activity and learn to relax with others & by yourself

  2. Health and strength is build over time. It doesn’t matter what you do for a couple of days or weeks. It matters what you do for a couple of months and years

  3. Food is fuel and medicine. It is not there for emotional support, and activity or mouth pleasure.

  4. It is your duty to find what exercise and diet works for your bio-individuality, ethics, schedule and preferences. It must also be sustainable.

  5. The most valuable doctor you can have on your side is a good chiropractor and/or naturopathic doctor. These folks are educated with the philosophy that the body can heal itself. They will typically point you in the most natural form of treatment and refer you to appropriate MD specialist if further intervention is needed

  6. Rest is just as important is action. Although you may get away with eating junk and never exercising, try not sleeping and you will pass out or die from side-effects of hyper-fatigue

  7. Most of your ailments are caused by fatigue and stress. If this is the case, then the way in which you react to stress is the key to your overall health. You are either busy and overwhelmed or you are in a season of great opportunity and growth.

  8. Your body has the ability to heal itself. If you let it, give it time and the right natural stimulus, you will more than likely be just fine.

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