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How to Hit on the Fit Chick - PART 2

Ladies, please share with your awesome, single, fit guy friend! Get that dude a loyal lifting girl!

So, you know how to get the woman at the gym, but what if your Artemis is at work? Or friends of friends?

Then we need a different strategy. If you see her around a lot, it behooves you to take it slow and get her to be curious about you. Fit Chicks are fun babes, focused and loyal - but also protective of themselves. Hey, great glutes don’t come without a price! Get her walls down and let her know you can keep up.

The Fit Woman at Work:

Day Date or Early Date

This is a nice one. As a Fit Woman, I can’t always make it out late on a Friday or Saturday night. I have to race or coach or I just don’t feel like being hungover on my run the next morning. You know what will always get my attention? Food, a walk and a beer into twilight. Dates that start at 5 or 6 pm end a bit on the early side. These are nice because I can get a bit drunk AND be in bed by 11 with enough rest to smash my workout that next day. Keep in mind that fit chicks typically like having an agenda, so have a goal with the date: watch tourists dance tango, check out an art show, play Bocci Ball. If your plan is ‘sit and drink,’ be prepared for a short date.

Ask Her about Competitions or Sports

In the break room, ask her if she competes in anything or would like to. Marathons? Weight lifting? What kind of yoga - yin or yang, Hatha, power or hot? Does she watch football or fighting? How about basketball? Did she watch Rhonda Rousey lose her first fight? Find out what motivates this girl to keep moving.

Bring her a Protein Bar

This is a sweet move. It will make her smile. “Hey, you workout right? This one is really good. Thought you might enjoy it.” Stuff like this adds up the points. Also, it caters to The Long Game. You don't want to jump the gun on a woman with whom you share the same office.

Ask for Help Training for an Event

Sign up for an event she knows something about, and ask her for tips on how to train. You can keep asking her questions or ask her to train with you. Maybe you can get a friend to train with you for the event, then your inquiry will seem a bit more casual. “Hey, my friends and I signed up for a marathon in like 3 months. You did one last year, right? Can I buy you a coffee or beer and get your training tips? I have no idea what I’m doing”

Demand to Help Her

An Artemis is notorious for being hard to help. Next time you see her carrying something, TAKE it from her and ask her where it belongs. “Here, let me get that for you..” NOT “need any help?” Trust me, the highly independent WILL notice your willingness and desire to help her out. They are so used to saying "No" when offered help (we don’t want to show weakness!) that they forget what is is like to have it. Be of service, show her you’re a good teammate and win her heart.

Invite her to a Mud Run or Social Run

This is the best date ever! “My friends and I signed up for the Tough Mudder. Wanna join? It’d be great to have you on our team” “My gym is having a Christmas Workout. Would you like to come?” “Some of my friends are playing Frisbee/Ultimate Football in the Park on Saturday. You probably have a strong kick. Are you free that afternoon?” This gets her out of the office and loosened up. She can just interact with some cool people and be her strong, happy, competitive self. Plus, there is less pressure on her than if you asked her to go on a solo run.

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