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Cycles of Success: Using the Moon to Turbo-Charge Body Progress

A few years back I did a head first dive into the metaphysical and occult. And just as you suspected, it gets weird after a while and hard to separate truth from paranoia. But before I left, I pick up some insanely useful methods of project planning and execution.

None of this is new knowledge. Before we had modern science and Facebook, the people of the earth tracked patterns and cycles in nature for answers and information. This art is largely lost today as we rely on people telling us what is true and what isn’t.

The moon has a huge influence in our daily lives. Farmers planted and harvested crops based on the seasons and cycle of the moon. Because of its rulership of water, the moon also dictates our tides. Fishermen today still check with the moon to see when they should go out for a trip or not. The stage of the moon usually dictate the tide but also how active and plentiful the fish will be.

From Submarine Broadcasting Company

In metaphysical science, the moon rules our emotions, water and the public. Someone who is insane is emotionally unstable and unpredictable - we call them a LUNA-tic. Ask any police officer or ER doc what it is like patrolling the streets during times of the full moon and they will always reply that it is extremely busy and all the crazies are out in full force.

If the moon controls the tides, it controls us. Why? Because 71% of the earth surface is water. Our bodies contain 60% water, and in our heart and brain, that ratio is different. Just like the earth, our brain and heart hold 70% water.

So if the moon can change the whole tides of the earth, what makes you think it can’t influence the water in our bodies? We actually know that is does - scientifically. THE LUNAR EFFECT is real and has been studied.


But how can we take advantage of this knowledge serve us toward our goals and purpose?

Firstly, you must know the phases on the moon and what actions sync with the energy of the public and ourselves.

New Moon

This is the best time to start a project. But we are talking about initial steps and intentions. As the moon comes out of the dark phase, we do information gathering. We are excited for progress and planning about moving forward. These are the planting of seeds time.

What this Means for Health and Fitness

If you are interested in anything the requires “more” and “growth” this is the time to implement. So if you are trying to gain weight, gain muscle, increase athleticism, start a habit or increase the amount of vegetables, this is the time when you are to start.

But remember, this is the beginning. You are planting seeds and dipping your feet in this new health project. Don’t expect to be perfect. Just gather your supplies and information in order to succeed. When I take on clients for my nutrition programs and fitness programs, this is usually when I start them.

First Quarter

This is a time for tension and action. The enthusiasm is getting lower because the desire for change is rising. With change comes action. This is when you are taking action and laying strong foundations for success. You will make adjustments and refinements to the process, making it work for your goals.

What this Means for Health and Fitness

This is the first time it starts to get sticky. You have been eating/doing XYZ for about a week and you notice things are coming up to get in your way: Not all five days are the same, you hate meal prepping on Sundays, having a hard time finding X at the store. This is the time to make adjustments and refinements to your plan of action. Just small ones to make it go more smoothly.

Maybe you find a vegetable delivery service or you decide keeping you bag packed in the car is the best option for ensuring you go to the gym everyday. At any rate, you have to take action and make adjustments to the plans.

Full Moon

This is a time when information will be revealed. Emotions are heightened and you may have a better objective view of yourself and what is going on. The experience is full. People are full on energy. Any snags or opportunities are coming to light. As the full moon passes, it becomes a time of sociability and understanding.

What this Means for Health and Fitness

This is when people give up. They just see problems and they figure they don't want to work that hard to solve it. This is the problem that will be solved the next moon cycle through more creative action.

You will either have the most energy or be the most tired right now. It take time to adjust to new nutrition and fitness habits. This is a time to observe and then reach out and get help from others.

Just after the full moon is also the BEST time to start a weight loss diet and to cut out sugar. This disseminating moon favors loss and pruning to thin crops. Anything that you need to cut out, starts here: stop eating fast food, cut out soda, eat less, reduce processed foods, cut out TV watching. This is also the best time for hair removal!

Last Quarter

We are reaping success at this time. After three weeks, we are starting to see the first inklings of change. We know the goals, gathered info, took steps solved problems, and we are now reaping reward of our hard work. Our understanding of the process is better so we are letting go of things that do not serve us.

As the moon grows darker, we have an idea of the next steps for change and growth. We are putting our creative energy into what actions we plan on taking for the next moon cycle.

What this Means for Health and Fitness

This is a great time to do cleanses and fasts for health. Reflect on what you have accomplished. Tie up loose ends. As the moon grows darker, this is a time for rest and reflection. Ok, have a cheat day or just spend all day in bed. We have a period of down time to mentally prepare us for taking more action toward our goals.

Make a list of the habits and cheats that have worked for you. Keep it as simple as 3-5 hard fast rule. Reflect on them and prepare to adhere to just those rules for the next cycle.

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